Darrin Eakins Wilmington NC

Darrin Eakins Wilmington NC

Darrin Eakins is a transition expert. After being forced to leave his former career as an orthopedic surgeon due to injury and illness, he pursued new interests and career paths in stock trading and investing. Having more time for hobbies also helped him discover a love of pickleball and rediscover a family love of art.

Much of Eakins' current work, including biomedical stock analysis, is informed by his background as an orthopedic surgeon. This niche analyst field investigates the investment potential of pharmaceutical and biotech firms. With a surgeon's perspective, Eakins can examine products in development from various businesses from multiple perspectives and determine when it is an excellent time to buy.

His stock market interest extends beyond medical stocks, and he has become an avid futures trader. Successful futures trading necessitates in-depth market knowledge and the ability to spot profitable opportunities. Traders may buy futures contracts to protect themselves against market fluctuations or to speculate. When a futures contract expires, one must be able to speculate on the future price of a stock index or commodity rather than owning an individual stock.

Darrin Eakins previously worked full-time in Willmington, North Carolina, as an orthopedist specializing in sports medicine. An orthopedic surgery specialist treats problems with bones, joints, and muscles. Tumors, congenital disabilities, degenerative diseases, and sports injuries are also treated. Eakins specializes in sports medicine injuries and widespread pickleball injuries.

He received his medical degree from Wake Forest School of Medicine after earning an undergraduate degree in science from Baylor University. He received his diploma in 1992. He then completed a 6-year surgical internship and orthopedic surgery residency at Oregon Health Sciences University. He also completed an additional fellowship year at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

Dr. Eakins worked as an orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon for over 20 years after receiving his medical degree. Yet, even with his hectic schedule as a surgeon, he found time to make a difference in the lives of others. That is why, in 2001, he donated a house to Habitat for Humanity.

He was a high flyer in his medical school class as one of the top achievers at Wake School of Medicine.

Eakins enjoys a variety of hobbies, including stock market investing, futures trading, analyzing biomedical stocks, pickleball, fishing, sports injuries, health and nutrition, and acrylic painting. As part of his other interests, he is currently investing in the stock market and honing his market analytical skills.

His father was an accomplished artist. However, many of Eakins' interests were put on hold while he worked as a full-time surgeon and provided patient care. After retiring, he rediscovered a childhood passion for art that he had learned from his father.

Similarly, pickleball has provided excellent physical rehabilitation and strength development opportunity. It has helped refine motor skills, develop stamina, and achieve new mental clarity through daily exercise, and it is a fun, competitive sport.

Darrin Eakins was in a severe accident while mountain biking around 2008. He sustained wrist and shoulder injuries. It resulted in several surgeries and the inability to work as a surgeon.

While recovering from multiple surgeries, he became addicted to oxycontin, a commonly prescribed opiate that has since been banned and the subject of numerous lawsuits due to its highly addictive properties. This eventually led to depression, family estrangement, and divorce. He struggled with addiction and depression for ten years and was in and out of multiple treatment centers and rehab until 2016 when he spent over a year in Florida at Life Skills in Boca Raton and Half Way House in Del Ray.

He claims he thought he could conquer the disease with willpower and intellect, as he had done with all of his other accomplishments. Still, he discovered that he had to surrender to the condition, admitting he had a problem he couldn't solve and asking for help from others with similar issues. It is a disease he will never be able to overcome, but he can live with it and thrive if he surrenders and seeks help from God and other alcoholics daily.

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